Volunteer Spotlight: Mr. Reyes

Posted on Sep 21, 2015 in Spotlight

I’ve enjoyed spending my time at the Torres Shelter. The staff and guests have offered a welcoming environment and I will continue to volunteer as long as I am able. I spend most of my time at the service counter. In this role I greet guests, retrieve and store their belongings, assist with laundry duties, and address other minor requests.  Additionally, I get to use this time at the counter to occasionally engage with staff.Reyes

Not too long ago I left my life on the East Coast and returned to California to pursue a new life of  self-exploration. During this time I’ve drifted some in order to really question a lot about myself, but I’ve also made sure to invest a part of this life in serving as a tutor, mentor, advisor, sounding board, and   volunteer. It is in this sense of giving that I decided to search for opportunities to volunteer.

Through an Internet search I came upon the Torres Shelter website. I sent an email  inquiry about volunteering and within a matter of days I was volunteering at the shelter.

I’ve enjoyed my conversations with folks at the Shelter and seeing how the members of the community treat each other. This also offers a great learning experience for me, as I do enjoy meeting people and learning about them. As this phase in my life continues to unfold, I have grown to understand how much love and compassion I have for this world and the people in it. A while ago, I came across an idea expressed by a great mind that I have since held close to my heart: “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others. It’s a great idea that, in truth, requires very little effort.”  – Reyes