Success Story Saturday

Posted on Jul 22, 2016 in Guest Stories

Today’s Success Story Saturday isn’t really a success at all; it’s an illustration of just how powerful addictions can be.
Brandon was a regular guest of the Torres Shelter. Not yet 30 years old he enjoyed life and loved to work outside; Brandon helped out around the Shelter and was always quick with a smile. He never had problems finding work and was by all accounts a good employee, except for his addiction to alcohol. Brandon binged drank, dangerously so; Brandon was hospitalized several times for alcohol poinsoning over the past couple of years.
Brandon knew he had a problem. He attended AA meetings but they never seemed to work for him; he wasn’t interested in in-patient programs, they got in the way of work.
A couple of weeks ago we received word that Brandon passed away.
Part of telling the whole honest story of life at a shelter is that not every story has a good ending. No amount of resources and intensive support from our partners can change that, but we can help even more people then we already do with more of both.
Brandon and his loved ones are in our thoughts.

Disclaimer: Success Story Saturday is based on real guests; however, the names and some details have been changed to protect the guests’ privacy.