Success Story Saturday

Posted on Aug 19, 2016 in Guest Stories, Success Story Saturday

June and her son, Tommy, lived with June’s boyfriend prior to their arrival at the shelter. June suffers from a neurological disorder that severely affects her motor skills. The stress caused by June’s disability negatively affected her relationship with her boyfriend. June wasn’t listed on the lease so when the relationship finally broke down, it was June and her son who found themselves on the street.

June had applied for Social Security Disability before she came to the shelter but never followed up on the application. When June and her Service Coordinator contacted Social Security to follow up they were informed that June’s application had been denied and that she had missed the deadline to appeal; June would need to start the process all over again.

Because of her disability June has trouble walking; her gait is jerky and she has trouble walking in a straight line. June’s other body movements, like her arms, are wild and exaggerated. So what June’s Service Coordinator though should be a slam dunk turned out to be anything but! There were doctor appointments and medical exams; neurological tests and hearings. Months passed without a decision on her case, and in the meantime June struggled with stability as her disease progressed to the point where she could no longer care for her son. One of the worst days in June’s life was the day she had to give custody of Tommy to his father.

There were times when it seemed that no matter how many hoops June jumped through there was always “one more test” or “one final hearing”. It took after almost a year and half for June’s SSDI application to be approved. June lives her own place now, a place where she can receive the assistance she needs. More importantly, June lives in a place where her son can stay on the weekends.


Disclaimer: Success Story Saturday is based on real guests; names and some details have been changed to protect their privacy.