Staff Spotlight

Posted on Sep 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

13282227_1119783578044538_1263331039_nHello, my name is Louise and I am one of two Service Coordinators working at the Torres Shelter. Having worked at the Shelter for 11 years, I have held every job position at the Shelter, except for Executive Director.  I have to say my current position is my most rewarding.

As a Service Coordinator, my job is to meet with all guests assigned to my workload on a continual basis to assist with: how to find a job, budgeting, how to save, help with getting services they may be entitled to (SSI/SSDI, mental health, doctors, dentists…). In addition, an individual case plan is developed with each guest to create structure and ownership of the individual goals set in the plan.  They are required to meet the expectations they agree to in the plan. 

My days are filled with guest meetings and other internal meetings.  The Guest meetings are basically to discuss what has occurred since the previous meeting.  With new guests they are to begin the case planning part of it. 

There is nothing more exciting than having a guest come to me and say, “I found a job” or “I found housing” or “my SSI/SSDI was approved!”.  To see the looks on their faces, realizing there are positive things that can happen, and it’s happening to them right now. Makes me feel like a proud mama! – Louise