“Keep Coming Back. It Works, If You Work It”

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On September 21, 2016, sixty-five year old Richard Howington moved into a one-bedroom apartment on West East Avenue. Six months earlier to the day he was admitted to Torres Shelter for a second time feeling that he was lost in his life: “When I first was here my future looked like a television screen that […]

“Change is mandatory. Growth is optional.”

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“Change is mandatory. Growth is optional.” This is a bumper sticker that stuck with me. Part of my job as Executive Director is to give presentations around our community about the Shelter and our services. One of the questions I am most frequently asked is some variation of “Do you really see people change when […]

Staff Spotlight

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Hello, my name is Louise and I am one of two Service Coordinators working at the Torres Shelter. Having worked at the Shelter for 11 years, I have held every job position at the Shelter, except for Executive Director.  I have to say my current position is my most rewarding. As a Service Coordinator, my job […]

Q&A with Board Chair Rich Ober

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Q: How are you involved with the shelter? How long? A: I am currently Chair of the Torres Board of Directors. I’ve been on the board for a little less than two years (joined in December of 2014) and have been Chair since last October. I’ve also been part of a meal provider group, a […]

We Want to Help Too!

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When Amy told her two children, Lily and Micah, that they were coming to the Shelter to make a donation, they both insisted on raiding their piggy banks to help. Thank you so much Amy, Micah and Lily

Erika’s Birthday Presents

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Erika’s Birthday Presents

Talk about an awesome young lady. Erika, who recently celebrated her 10th birthday, ask that her friends make a donation to the shelter in lieu of presents. Thank you to Erika, her parents Keiko and Roger, and all her friends for their thoughts and donations.