A Garden Job

Posted on Mar 31, 2015 in Spotlight

On March 29 a group of our guests, staff, and members of a couple of local organizations got together to create a community garden. It was a great day; the weather was perfect and everyone had a fun. It was the children who had the most fun though. They learned so much about how to start a garden, to tend the plants and they all look forward now to the day when they can harvest what they’ve planted.

From the Ground Up

From the Ground Up

It started with a truck load of soil and a lot of guidance from the people at “From the Ground Up, Inc.” This dedicated group of community gardeners provided us with more than just advice, they provided all the plants we needed and helped build the raised beds. Staff from “From the Ground Up” will stop periodically to help make sure the garden stays healthy, and when it’s time to switch over to fall and winter plants they have promised to come back and help us make the switch.

Several of our families took part in the project. The kids were assigned to help put soil in the wheel barrows and they loved it, almost as much as they loved playing in the left over soil.


Nor Cal Roller Girls

The Nor Cal Roller Girls, Chico women’s flat track roller derby team, were here to lend hand. When you think of roller derby, you think of skates. But the Roller Girls are more than just a roller derby team. The are a community minded organization that actually requires their members to take part in community projects.

Without help of our guests and community this garden would still be just a dream. Thank you to everyone who make this garden a reality.