A Family Gets a New Home.

Posted on Aug 12, 2016 in Success Story Saturday

Today’s Success Story Saturday demonstrates that the Torres Community Shelter is not a place where you end up, it’s where you start over.

Dale, Isabella and their young son Oscar, relocated from Yuba City to Chico when Dale was offered employment at a local company. After a lengthy period of unemployment the job offer sounded like a positive step, even if the pay wasn’t enough to completely support their family.

While Dale worked, Isabella applied for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) and other benefits to help make ends meet. The family stayed in a motel as often as they could, and in their car when they didn’t have the money for a room. This cycle of motel, car, motel, car went on for a few months until Dale lost his job. With no money coming in, Dale & Isabella made the decision to enter the Torres Community Shelter.

It wasn’t easy to make the adjustment to life in a shelter; Dale felt embarrassed that he couldn’t provide for his family. As the weeks turned into months the stress on Dale & Isabella began to put a strain on their relationship. Every day when the family returned to the shelter they tried to put on a brave face, but you could tell they were dispressed.

Then one day Dale called with good news-he found a job! The pay wasn’t great, but it was in a field he had experience in and came with a small home for the family to live in.

We haven’t seen much of Dale lately, but Isabella stops by with Oscar every so often to say hello.

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Disclaimer: Success Story Saturday is based on real guests; names and some details have been changed to protect their privacy